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Urgent: Castle Combe Sprint - Please Read Now!!!!

Hi everyone,

Although we had a bad year financially for the Sprint Series in 2016, after the positive response from the poll I started in November I felt it was worth putting the time effort and money into the 2017 Sprint Series - and with very open regs to encourage new drivers and a selection of big and smaller twisty circuits to cover everyone's preferences I thought we had the perfect mix for 2017.

So I was hoping not to have to write this post, but with 4 weeks to go we only have 4 cars booked in for Castle Combe, and another 4 paid deposits.

I'm sure you will all understand and agree that there is no point running an event which is going to lose thousands of £££s - with a low number of competitors, you (the drivers) won't enjoy it because the event won't run as it should, it's doesn't work for the sponsors who support the series and for all of us who put the time and effort in to run it, and ultimately it will lead to the death of the club - which I'm not prepared to see happen.

I don't want to cancel the event (or the Series), but we're organising these events for you guys, so we're giving you the opportunity to decide whether it goes ahead or doesn't.
We need 40 drivers to book Castle Combe by the end Sunday 21st May, so if you're looking forward to competing at the first sprint of 2017 but have yet to book, please do so before Sunday.

Castle Combe Circuit have very kindly agreed with this but have asked for confirmation on Monday, so it's over to you now.

I hope we'll all be at Castle Combe and have a great first sprint of 2017
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I spoke with you earlier in the year to give it a try as never done it before but I'm committed to coming and paying up beforehand if need be
Also booked a hotel for couple of nights so ideally need to know what's happening soon

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Sorry can't make this one due to distance for me but hoping to be involved in Cadwell and Tee-side.
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F1-RS (21-05-2017)
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If any of you Guys can spread the word to all the competitors because not all use the forums
Pace Ward MLR Sprint Pictures By Monkeynuts and Raptor

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F1-RS (21-05-2017)
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I've just paid for Combe and plan to do them all, cheers Adrian
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Now paid for Coombe Sprint!
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It is what it is.
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Is it forty Evos you're after signing up or forty cars of any make ?
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Sorry to read this Darin, real shame. I can't make Combe as I'm away that week - will make a couple of others later this year however. Hope the interest picks up. Maybe consider opening it to other cars/clubs.... (not ideal... but better than not running it at all and having to cancel)...
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i've booked, hopefully we get to the 40!
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F1-RS (21-05-2017)
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Shame to see this remember going to watch the Sprints years ago and were always so busy if distance wasn't so much would have bought my ZR along to make few numbers but fingers crossed picks up
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To be honest this thread just makes me think of looking to go elsewhere, I was 100% planning to come along, but if it's touch n go I may as well sign up to an msa event that I know will get the numbers. If i wait then I will miss the spot as the msa events have a deadline entrance date, something you could of asked for some time ago.

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Looks like the start of the end to me.

Pity it's so far away - would love to do some sprints this year but can only make Teesside.

Probably time to bin the series and just do the odd single sprint here and there with no classes - just for a fun day out like it was in the beginning.
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RaeTurbo (17-05-2017)
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TOO many posts.......
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Geoff, trouble is now and it's sad to say, folks are seeing their Evos as investments buddy and don't want the risk of trashing them, it's going exactly the same way as the Cossie scene went/ has gone. Good days are gone imo.
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tommymak (18-05-2017)
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Northy 8
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Agree with Pete
Give it up now and save your money
The good old days are long gone
Even the forum has run out of good threads
Same old crap tme this and tme that,, boring as sin
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staffi (17-05-2017)
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As I said before, should have kept the regs the same (as in car decides the class like it was at Cadwell last October) I would have took part in the whole series then but it's made me give it a miss now.

Shame as I was looking forward to it this year but the javelin sprint seems to be the one to do.
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