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Evo 9 FQ 360 MR spoiler - snapped :(


Some drunk idiot decided to snap my spoiler in half for me. It's the IX FQ360 MR (from the run of 200) so i think it was quite unique. It has the dark grey posts and the carbon blade. I believe the posts may also be carbon inside the grey, apparently.

I really need a replacement and i wanted to keep it standard but it's looking hard to find. Does anyone know the best way to get it sorted? Can i swap the end post covers from mine onto, say, a good condition blue or red one? Or do i have to find an exact match for mine?

Alternatively, anyone know a good quality carbon replacement that doesn't take 6 weeks to get here on a boat from China (and then require hours of trimming to make it fit) ?

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Sorry to hear this but your going to struggle to get a decent second hand one try ross sport or give Brett at evo- gb go to the links and pm them good luck with search
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Nightmare . Gonna struggle but have u tried mitsi direct
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Evo 9 FQ 360 MR spoiler - snapped :(

That's awful news! When I enquired about a new mr spoiler mitsubishi wanted £3500, plus the 4 metal pins in each side are rivets and aren't replaceable, best bet would be an aftermarket one unless you find a smashed up mr at a salvage yard that has a good wing on, might be worth googling it

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The regular IX's just had plastic ends not carbon, I've not seen anything that says the MR had carbon ends?

The VIII MR's did have carbon ends and came in the same grey as the IX.

So either just get a regular IX spoiler and get the ends re-painted or get an VIII MR one.
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Is it just the blade that's snapped? Or have the uprights been damaged also? As said the 9 uprights aren't carbon, just the blade

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Hi have you tried the Evo parts specialists , like jap performance parts Crawley , SVA imports Dover or there is a place near tunbridge wells ? that might be able to help you but cannot think of their name off the top of me head sorry .
I am presuming this is the car that is near us in Kent , bloody scumbag needs a good sorting out if found , hope you can get your car sorted soon
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