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2016 plate hilux

Does anyone have one
What do you think if you have
One thing that I don't understand is why only 148 bhp
When all the competition has more
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j'adore le anti-lag
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I had a good look about one, the interior quality looks much improved over the last one. Lots of chrome and plastic tat on the outside which puts me off, looks to have followed the design of the latest Ford Ranger

I have the 2.5 D4D engine in my old shape which is 140 bhp and has around 200 torques. Its sufficient, it would suck towing something though. That 2 litre in the new shape has no turbo and lacks torque, I imagine it will be flat as a witches tit
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They're about 300 ft/lb you can get them chipped to about 360 my mate has one. It's adequate.
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Old 08-03-2017, 11:38   #4
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I have a 2012 HL3 and it's pretty gutless to be honest. Nice to drive but could really do with some more power especially when it comes to towing!
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Old 23-03-2017, 11:10   #5
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I had one for a few days and ended up not buying.

Had the auto to start with, box was a bit sluggish and lane depart was a bit annoying but nothing major until I drove it at night! Going up a hill you lit the trees and going down you lit the road about 6ft in front of you the lights were useless!

The level sensor is placed in the back rear corner and is effectively pointless and as I stay where there are no street lights this was kinda a big issue.

Returned the auto and got a manual for 2 days. I was told to expect a big jump in fuel economy over my existing truck, the reality slightly worse fuel economy and the engine felt gutless in comparrison.

The seats are comfier and the cabin is a nicer place but the engine and lighting was a let down.

Long and short never bought one and put a deposit down on the new Mercedes X-Line Pick up
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It is what it is.
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What made you choose the Merc over the cheaper Nissan Navara or Renault Alaskan?
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