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I have had my x for a year now and it has been a darn sight more reliable than my previous 8mr. I'm running 380/380 with no issues and minimal mods. We will allways get niggles, just part of owning an evo. Yes the parts and upgrades tend to be more expensive but it's a much newer car and to be expected. I would also say the SST if it's serviced properly and at regular intervals should be fairly reliable. I find the x a much more refined car and nicer to use on a daily basis.

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Originally Posted by Clivew View Post
Well that will depend on who is doing the work. Many purport to be 'tuners', when nothing could be futher than the truth, and the people doing the work no more than mechanics just bolting things together, sometimes much worse, with 'mods' being done that are truly horrendous.
A very accurate assessment Clive as many X owners, to my knowledge, have found to their cost.
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Originally Posted by jimmyvtec View Post
I've had my Evo X now for roughly 6 months now. I really like the car and can't find fault with it. However today I went with my old man to a reputable tuner to have his GTR serviced. While I was there I thought I would ask for a quote from them to do some work for me. The guy basically turned round and said that he wouldn't want to touch it. I asked why and he seemed to reel off a list of problems and faults with the Xs regarding the Rods , gearbox, MAF sensor amongst some other things I can't remember. To say I felt deflated afterwards would be an understatement. I feel like I almost darent drive the thing now because I'm just waiting for it to explode In a fireball of disappointment after the dressing down I got. Surely they can't be that bad?
I bought my X new in 2010, I DD'ed it for 5 years and have it modified. Only my AYC pump has given me issues. Take care of it and the car will be fine. Hell I have over 86k miles and am still on the stock clutch.

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Every car has its own set of problems especially performance cars. Key is to research and address common problems or buy a car that has already been done. As with any Evo they can't be scrimped on especially when being tuned,but done correctly and looked after they're a reliable car.

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