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  1. H18BY0
    08-09-2013 10:53
    New car - its not finished yet, but they are in my car pics
  2. Della
    05-09-2013 18:40
    I know they've had gift sets since last month! Where abouts are your new wheels? Literally wheels, or a new vehicle?? x
  3. H18BY0
    04-09-2013 14:15
    I know, I went into my local Morrisons today and they have the christmas stuff out

    Did you check out my new wheels ?
  4. Della
    03-09-2013 18:10
    Hiya! I know! This year has gone uber quick too I'm very good thanks, hope you are too! x
  5. H18BY0
    05-08-2013 17:45
    Yeah not to bad - hows you? couldn't believe it when I saw your last message to me was in 2011!! where has the time gone
  6. Della
    01-08-2013 19:26
    Hope you're well Stephen ) X
  7. H18BY0
    12-07-2013 17:20

    How ya doing? long time
  8. Della
    11-07-2013 19:10
  9. Della
    24-11-2011 14:07
    Just sitting outside my parents in the car and their neighbours have their's up
    I shall remember your birthday
  10. Della
    24-11-2011 13:14
    Oooh when's your birthday??

    Yes I have some sad family news looming... just trying to block it out with friends and family this end, and coming on here to take my mind off it so sorry if i'm not my normal self

    Would you believe the tree will be going up in 3 weeks?!

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