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  1. Barrie @ DCY
    03-02-2013 13:22
    Barrie @ DCY
    Hi James

    Your looking 10k+ for a fresh import , the exchange is too bad to compete with the ones that are already here , its pay a fortune on buy good ones that are already in uk , don't you fancy any we have in stock on www.dcyeurope.com ? Your best emailing me with reply to barrie@dcyeurope.com
  2. james101090
    03-02-2013 08:16
    Good Morning Barrie,

    Just making very early contact as your company may be an option I am looking to use when hopefully securing an Evo VI.
    First question is that when we discuss budgets for the said car will you then give me an approximation on the whole package cost as that will be very important.

    Haven't become a full member on here yet however I will very shortly.
    For now though when you have time if you could reply to
    that would be great.

    Thank you

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