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Rescued evo v

Posted 19-01-2014 at 17:08 by Worried owner

[quote=Pomsteroonie;5160903]Where did you get those nice, industrial looking hose clips from?[/quote]
From Sfs dude ask for lee and say I sent you.tell him I use to have a silvia and now have an evo he should look after you :smthumbup
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Breaking my IX, Ohlins, Alcons, Rota, Carbon !

Posted 02-01-2014 at 19:22 by mparker1984

[quote=DannysphinX;5145386]Mitch you still tinkering with the Evo in a hope to keep up ;)[/quote]

what you mean too keep up with those gtr's I do remember the two of use beening way behind :lol:

how you anyway mate
Mitch Parker
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Xxr 527 8.75 Matt black brand new tyres.

Posted 02-12-2013 at 02:23 by EVO972

[QUOTE=sbn1979;5120956]ive found the size on the inner spoke but cant seem to find the ET:smthumbup[/Q
is what you might learn to send in Martinique;)
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E6 Fuel issue???

Posted 21-11-2013 at 04:24 by slevo13

So i had to replace a Crank angle sensor because the balance belt had torn it to shreds. Fixed the sensor and now the car wont start. I checked spark which is still good. Crank sensor was changed out and the fuel pump is still good. Im essentially not getting fuel. Relays were swapped out and tested the one In the passenger footwell. So ignition on, no prime. Can anyone think of what could be stopping it? And ive used multiple ECU's. Nothing...
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E8/E9 front headlights

Posted 15-11-2013 at 19:47 by dean76

[quote=Dave@ears;5108496]I've a pair of new OEM E9MR (non hid) in stock..:smthumbup[/quote]
Hi mate don't suppose you could me a pic if possible and howmuch you after? Would you also take mine as part ex?
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